Big Bay

Today we began our first camping trip with Logan. This is an annual camping trip with friends. We rent a bunch of campsites, spend too much time in the sun, eat too many chips and hot dogs, and drink too much beer. This year is different… this year Logan accompanies us for 2 out of 3 nights then goes to Grandma’s Saturday night.

Also different is instead of staying at the campground at night,  Logan and I are staying at our family camp because I’m not ready to bring a 3 month old in a tent over night. So here we lie, in a cozy bed while my friends are sitting around a campfire, drinking beer. And, surprise – I’m ok with it. I know there will be more times but there won’t be an unlimited amount of times to cuddle Logan.

My biggest fear with having Logan was losing me in the process. I now realize it’s possible to maintain my identity and a semblance of a “life” while still being Logan’s mom. I also feel it’s important. Some may disagree… Logan IS my life while he’s a baby, but he won’t always be a baby and even over the next few months will not rely on me for every little thing. And when I’m not always needed, I want to remember that yes, I am Krysti, mom, but I am also wife, daughter, sister, friend, nurse and whatever hat I don that day.


P.S. Logan turned 3 months yesterday.