Typical Tuesday?

I’m posting this from my cell phone, so I apologize in advance for any errors!

Last night was one of the WORST nights I’ve had with Logan since his first couple weeks. Brad is on nights this week so it’s just me. I was already tired so I was praying for minimal wakeups, to no avail. I actually cried numerous times and at one point, shouted in frustration, which didn’t make me very proud. But… we made it through the night.

Today was Logan’s first day at daycare. He’s going a half-day each week until I find a job. Things went well and now he’s napping with me on the couch. I know I should put him down but I’m enjoying the cuddles after the rough night. Which is why I’m on my cell phone.


I had every intention of hitting the gym today while Logan was at daycare. Instead, I took a 2 hour nap and I have no regrets. This morning I was soooo crabby and now I feel better about life. I hate to make excuses but we have a camping trip this weekend so Operation Hot Bod (ha) starts Monday. I will post before pics and measurements and Sunday I will post an outline of my workout schedule. I’m seeing it’s not as easy to get to the gym as I had thought so I plan on doing a lot of bodyweight exercises. Stay tuned.

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