An introduction

I’m new to the world of blogging, so let me introduce myself.  I’m Krysti… I’m 28 years young, wife to Brad for 3 years, and mom to Logan for 3 months.  I’m an RN by degree but I lost my job a week before Logan’s due date… currently seeking employment, but I’m also using this time to seek new opportunities.

I live (in my humble opinion!) on the best place on earth… the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I’m a born and raised Yooper and proud of it!  I live 3 blocks from Lake Superior and yes, I swim in that cold lake every summer.  I actually enjoy our winters, even though negative degrees are a common occurrence.  I’m an avid snowboarder and love to snowshoe.  Not much is better than spending a day out in the cold, to come inside to a hot coffee, hot chocolate, or a pint of PBR or Pickaxe Blonde.  But the best thing about being a Yooper?  The summer.  I live for Yooper summers.  Hot days, cool nights, bonfires, camping, swimming, softball – unless you are here, you will never understand 🙂

I’ve been with Brad for 7 years and we’ve been married for almost 4.  We waited to have a baby for a few years because we knew that we wanted to have some “fun” before we took the plunge.  We traveled, spent more money than we should, drank too much, and altogether lived a full few years.  Now that Logan has arrived, our lives have turned a complete 360 degrees – but we could not be happier.

So, now that Logan HAS arrived, I’ve also realized that I have more than myself and Brad to live for.  I’ve repeatedly gained and lost the same 30ish pounds.  I’ve lost the baby weight fairly quickly but I want to do better.  I want to look good, not look good for “having a kid”.  I’ve been alternately a calorie counter then an overeater when I slip-up.  I’m also a cardio queen.  So, I’m no longer counting calories and I’m planning on lifting weights, in addition to the cardio.

As for my job – I spent 6 years as a floor nurse.  For 2 years, I loved my job.  The next 2 years, I tolerated my job.  The last 2 years, I dreaded the next shift as I was punching out for the day.  I made a change and left my high-stress job for a low-stress clinic job that I absolutely loved.  Unfortunately, the doctor I worked for relocated right before Logan was born.  Logan is now 12 weeks old… I would actually be returning to work tomorrow if I had a job to return to.  At this point, I’ve become stressed about my situation.  I know that I can never return to floor nursing, even if that means that I have to temporarily take a non-nursing job.  I’ve decided that my happiness is much more important than the money.

So, my first post is a mish-mash of things.  Eventually I will post pictures, when I figure this all out.  Tips?

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