Busy busy busy

OK friends (I know I have a lot of you out there, haha)… I had said I was going to post before pictures and my plan on Sunday but life got in the way.  Camping with Logan was great but a lot busier than I had anticipated.  By the time we got home on Sunday, all I wanted to do was sleeeeeep.  Plus, Brad had to go to 12 hour midnight shifts, so I got a quick nap and attempted to be Super Mom (play with Logan, do laundry, clean… I’m not very good at it yet!).  Yesterday was playing catch-up, then last night Logan had one of those nights where he just wanted to be cuddled.  I could not put him down.  We’ve been working on the crib and he generally will stay in there for half the night but he wouldn’t sleep more than 30 minutes at a time.  So, I tried the bassinet and he would not sleep AT ALL in it.  We ended up cuddling in my bed all night, which resulted in a good night of sleep for him, and a bad night of sleep and a sore back for me.  Please – if anyone has any tips on this transition, please share (AGAIN, because I have so many friends and fans on here, haha).

I’m going to pick up Logan in about 30 minutes from daycare so this is going to be quick.  But, tomorrow I’m going to step on that all-mighty scale and take my measurements.  I will take those before pictures and post them (and no they won’t be in my skivvies).  I will also outline my plan for the next few weeks – it’s going to be simple because some days I have time and some days I don’t have much.  So, stay tuned for me to embarrass the shit out of myself on the internet 🙂

Big Bay

Today we began our first camping trip with Logan. This is an annual camping trip with friends. We rent a bunch of campsites, spend too much time in the sun, eat too many chips and hot dogs, and drink too much beer. This year is different… this year Logan accompanies us for 2 out of 3 nights then goes to Grandma’s Saturday night.

Also different is instead of staying at the campground at night,  Logan and I are staying at our family camp because I’m not ready to bring a 3 month old in a tent over night. So here we lie, in a cozy bed while my friends are sitting around a campfire, drinking beer. And, surprise – I’m ok with it. I know there will be more times but there won’t be an unlimited amount of times to cuddle Logan.

My biggest fear with having Logan was losing me in the process. I now realize it’s possible to maintain my identity and a semblance of a “life” while still being Logan’s mom. I also feel it’s important. Some may disagree… Logan IS my life while he’s a baby, but he won’t always be a baby and even over the next few months will not rely on me for every little thing. And when I’m not always needed, I want to remember that yes, I am Krysti, mom, but I am also wife, daughter, sister, friend, nurse and whatever hat I don that day.


P.S. Logan turned 3 months yesterday.

Typical Tuesday?

I’m posting this from my cell phone, so I apologize in advance for any errors!

Last night was one of the WORST nights I’ve had with Logan since his first couple weeks. Brad is on nights this week so it’s just me. I was already tired so I was praying for minimal wakeups, to no avail. I actually cried numerous times and at one point, shouted in frustration, which didn’t make me very proud. But… we made it through the night.

Today was Logan’s first day at daycare. He’s going a half-day each week until I find a job. Things went well and now he’s napping with me on the couch. I know I should put him down but I’m enjoying the cuddles after the rough night. Which is why I’m on my cell phone.


I had every intention of hitting the gym today while Logan was at daycare. Instead, I took a 2 hour nap and I have no regrets. This morning I was soooo crabby and now I feel better about life. I hate to make excuses but we have a camping trip this weekend so Operation Hot Bod (ha) starts Monday. I will post before pics and measurements and Sunday I will post an outline of my workout schedule. I’m seeing it’s not as easy to get to the gym as I had thought so I plan on doing a lot of bodyweight exercises. Stay tuned.

Numero uno

This morning, I woke up to Logan fussing.  He slept through the night the previous two nights, but last night he woke up at 3:30am and woke up early at 6:30am.  Against my better judgment, when my husband came home from work at 6:40am (he’s swing shift), he pulled Logan out of his bassinet and we cuddled in bed until 8:00am.  Now, Logan’s happily swinging and I’m here, sipping my coffee.

Which brings me to my point.  I’m so tired!  Even when Logan slept through the night the last couple nights, I didn’t sleep through the night.  And when I think about it, I haven’t slept through the night since last August, shortly after I found out I was pregnant.  Someone tell me, when will I sleep through the night again??  Of course, Logan is absolutely worth every minute of missed sleep.  But sometimes I just want to curl up in my bed and pull my blankets over my head!

At any rate, yesterday I posted that I quit counting calories.  As you can see, I titled this post “numero uno” because today is number one… day number one of NOT counting calories in years, except for scattered days like holidays and days that I’d given up hope.  It was strange to me to pour my coffee with almond milk and eat my English muffin with peanut butter and not quickly pull out my cell phone to log my food into myfitnesspal app.  Weird… but exhilarating.  So, my focus now is on the quality of my food rather than the quantity of my calories.  Does it taste good?  Yes?  It’s going in my mouth!  No more “light” and “fat free” crap – I’m eating the real thing and going to enjoy it.  That being said, incorporating more fruits and vegetables and doing more cooking is also a goal of mine.  My crock pot is my best friend, especially with Logan and today we’re making red beans with sausage over rice for dinner.  A specialty of mine – it’s a recipe I found on Pinterest but adapted to my own tastes.

On that note, time to prep dinner, get it in the crock pot, and head out into the beautiful morning.  It’s sunny, without a cloud in the sky and the temp is in the upper 60s.  It’s perfect walking weather for Logan and myself!

An introduction

I’m new to the world of blogging, so let me introduce myself.  I’m Krysti… I’m 28 years young, wife to Brad for 3 years, and mom to Logan for 3 months.  I’m an RN by degree but I lost my job a week before Logan’s due date… currently seeking employment, but I’m also using this time to seek new opportunities.

I live (in my humble opinion!) on the best place on earth… the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I’m a born and raised Yooper and proud of it!  I live 3 blocks from Lake Superior and yes, I swim in that cold lake every summer.  I actually enjoy our winters, even though negative degrees are a common occurrence.  I’m an avid snowboarder and love to snowshoe.  Not much is better than spending a day out in the cold, to come inside to a hot coffee, hot chocolate, or a pint of PBR or Pickaxe Blonde.  But the best thing about being a Yooper?  The summer.  I live for Yooper summers.  Hot days, cool nights, bonfires, camping, swimming, softball – unless you are here, you will never understand 🙂

I’ve been with Brad for 7 years and we’ve been married for almost 4.  We waited to have a baby for a few years because we knew that we wanted to have some “fun” before we took the plunge.  We traveled, spent more money than we should, drank too much, and altogether lived a full few years.  Now that Logan has arrived, our lives have turned a complete 360 degrees – but we could not be happier.

So, now that Logan HAS arrived, I’ve also realized that I have more than myself and Brad to live for.  I’ve repeatedly gained and lost the same 30ish pounds.  I’ve lost the baby weight fairly quickly but I want to do better.  I want to look good, not look good for “having a kid”.  I’ve been alternately a calorie counter then an overeater when I slip-up.  I’m also a cardio queen.  So, I’m no longer counting calories and I’m planning on lifting weights, in addition to the cardio.

As for my job – I spent 6 years as a floor nurse.  For 2 years, I loved my job.  The next 2 years, I tolerated my job.  The last 2 years, I dreaded the next shift as I was punching out for the day.  I made a change and left my high-stress job for a low-stress clinic job that I absolutely loved.  Unfortunately, the doctor I worked for relocated right before Logan was born.  Logan is now 12 weeks old… I would actually be returning to work tomorrow if I had a job to return to.  At this point, I’ve become stressed about my situation.  I know that I can never return to floor nursing, even if that means that I have to temporarily take a non-nursing job.  I’ve decided that my happiness is much more important than the money.

So, my first post is a mish-mash of things.  Eventually I will post pictures, when I figure this all out.  Tips?